Some new reviews up in the About section. Another full length record recorded on top of the Canadian punk covers e.p. we recently finished - figuring out a way to release both of 'em.


I'm starting up a DJ nite at The Queenshead 659 Queen West (at Bathurst). Punk, Hardcore, Oi!, Streetpunk, Ska and more...$3 Beer $3 Shots and Shooters, every Monday. (update: 04/02/06 - Cactus from 2-Pump Louie & Sinkin Ships has taken over the night, still punk, still Mondaze)


New songs up in the audio section. "What Is Past Is Prologue" will be available online and in stores in a few weeks and look for a local CD release party coming up. "The Turning Point" is us doing covers of some 1980's punk songs that were originally only released on cassette, inlcuding a song Byron played with his band Doomed Youth around 1982. We'll hopefully get this record out sometime early 2006.


After a few delays our CD "What Is Past Is Prologue" is finally on it's way, look for a late Oct. or Nov. release. Speaking of new CD's, we've already recorded the follow-up to our now soon to be released CD - some new teaser tracks from both will be up on the site in the coming month.


Anti-Racism Show Cancelled As Cops Warn Of Neo-Nazi Risk


New mp3's from our upcoming record available in the audio section for download... some big shows coming up for us: W/The Opressed on Apr 30 and w/Lower Class Brats, Clit 45 on May 27... probably means our CD release will be pushed to June-ish. Thanks tons too all the people who came out to The 360 on Apr 2nd, and cheers to all the bands who played... nice to see a crowd out to support the scene. Hopefully have new lyrics up on the site in the next week or so, so check back. We wanna get on the road so don't be afraid to contact us, we'd be happy to play your town anytime.


Our new record is completed (well recording, mastering, etc...), just gotta do up the artwork and release it - look for a May CD release party. I should have some samples up on the site in the next few weeks for you to check out. We're looking for gigs outside of Toronto, don't be afraid to call us. Nice little mention of us by George Tabb (MMR, Furious George) in a recent article he wrote. Special thanks to The Vapids and also Shannon and Deanah of the Bovine Sex Club for having us out to their 9th anniversary bash. Got lots of gigs coming up, so check us out and don't forget to sign the guestbook.


Bob & Jeremy's other band Mister Black was recorded by Byron this summer and the song's are now available on the Mister Black site.


Lyrics section updated (Bigots & Bastards, In The Gutter, Home To You, Nancy Never Knew, Pie In The Sky, Raise The Minnimum Wage, Robin Hood, The Rules and Shades Of Black), required reading.

Pics section updated.

We love it when you sign our guestbook.


Our new record is nearing completion - look for some samples on the site within the next month. We're hitting the road for a couple out of town gigs soon and would love to play more outside of Toronto, so if you want to see us in your town hook us up. Contact Jeremy @ thefallout.ca for bookings.


Some great new reviews up in the About section, check 'em out.


Hear The Fallout play live on Equalizing X Distort 89.5 FM CIUT Sunday July 4 at 10:30pm


Nice review of our new disc... check it out.


We will be contributing a track to the upcoming Random Killing CD, a cover of It's Not Cool (To Be A Punk Anymore). Our new CD is being released in California today on Road To Ruin and will be available across Canada via Scratch. If you wanna see us in your town drop me a line at jeremy<at>thefallout<dot>ca


New record available! The Fallout's "Turning Revolution Into Money" available now from Longshot Music, in stores soon, Toronto CD release party sometime in May...


Website updated, new mp3, reviews, etc. New CD is off to the pressing plant, expect a release party in the next month or two.


Website updated, photos, merch, etc.


Longshot Music (home to Wednesday Night Heroes & Riot 99 among others...) will be releasing our upcoming full length CD entitled "Turning Revolution Into Money" and we couldn't be happier to be associated with this veteran Canadian (now based out of NY, NY) punk, Oi! and streetpunk label.


"They said they were police from the recording industry or something, and next time they’d take me away in handcuffs"


Website updated with new look and content.


Thanks to Helen & Larry for having us at the Bovine Sex Club on Sunday, we had a blast! If you see us at shows you can now bug us for free buttons and (not free) t-shirts. Our new CD is nearing completion as well.


Well, seems we're having a little trouble getting out of the garage. The show we were supposed to play on the 16th at The Bovine has now been cancelled on us as well. Hopefully we'll be playing somewhere, sometime, this month so keep checking back.


So much for us playing with D.O.A. Basically their tour manager (James McLean of October Crisis) changed his mind so that his band could play instead. This is after we'd already been confirmed, put up flyers, booked time off work, etc... Needless to say, we're not pleased, but what are ya gonna do? Thanks to Noel for his efforts in getting us on the bill in the first place, even though it didn't work out, and we'll see you at The Rockit some other time. Well, we still wanna play a show mid November so I'll be scrambling to set something up, check back soon for details.


More new mp3's online.


Holy fuck! The Fallout is opening up for D.O.A. in November! Also more mp3's online, yay.


The new web site is finally online. Sign the guestbook, eh. Look for the new line-up live in November!


Former vocalist/bassist Mark fired from Fallout... due to over-inflated ego. Byron takes over vocal duties and Jeremy (formerly of 2-Pump Louie & currently also in Mister Black) joins on bass. The name of the band is changed to "The Fallout". Jeremy puts together a new website as the URL is changed to www.thefallout.ca to coincide with the new name. The band is taking a brief break to deal with the changes.

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