Speaking as a fan... An Essay by Trevor Black

For me it started in a bar in Chinatown called The OPM Den. I worked there as soundman for pretty much the entire run of the bar, which at most was just over year. In that time I had to sit through shows with bands that at times either reminded me of why I started playing music, with all that goes along with it, such as going to live shows in my local scene, or acts that did nothing more then make me take as many smoke breaks outside as I could, while they played. The Fallout was one of the former.

They were a three piece that played punk rock. What's that you say? Punk rock? Yea so? Doesn't everybody and their brother do that these days? No, they don't actually. Oh, sure you get kids that form bands with spiky hair, and a snotty childishness, that a major label will advertise as being the so-called TRUE PURVEYERS OF PUNK. And since the eighties there seems an endless supply of hardcore bands with a unexplainable angst that fly the banner of Punk at every opportunity, but these people usually have a sound that's a lot closer to Heavy Metal than anything else. So what's the deal with these guys? What makes them any different?

Well, for one thing they don't sound like any of those things, and for that reason alone I guess that's what made them stand out for me. It was refreshing to watch and listen to a band that played well-crafted songs, but did so with a natural wit and intelligence. That seems totally lost on most these days. No pose, no put-on, just three people with an obvious love for this type of music. Shit, you can't beat that.

So you have Bryon on vocals and guitar, who has a presence and ability that only comes from a person that walks it and talks it. You can tell he's always doing his homework on this stuff, because he's using stylistic elements that have been long since abandoned for no good reason other then people just seemed to have forgotten them (gee, that sounds familiar). There's Bob on drums, whom I can say from first hand experience, can compliment musically anything you throw at him. You wouldn't believe how rare that is these days. It makes the difference between a band that just kind of blasts through a song, to a group that plays stuff that catches you on the first listen. And finally my pal Jeremy on bass, who's always creative, bottom-line, whether it's music or the graphic arts. Hell, I don't think it took him more then a couple of hours to come up with the visual concept & actual design of this web site.

So there you go. A band that plays real-honest-to-goodness, fast, melodic, hard, catchy, (trumpets please) PUNK ROCK.



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