Lord Byron - Vocals / Guitar
Dr. Bob - Drums
Jeremy - Bass / Vocals

THE FALLOUT is a punk rock band based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With a musical style reminiscent of the early days of punk (Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash, The Ramones, The Jam), coupled with socially conscious lyrics, this is real music from the street and from the heart.



"Tales From The Industrial Revolution"
FALLOUT / full length CD
Released independently under The Fallout's label:
Red Menace Records

"Punk Rock Or No Rock"
FALLOUT / full length CD / 2000
Released independently under The Fallout's label:
Red Menace Records


FALLOUT / full length CD RMR003 / 2002
Released independently under The Fallout's label:
Red Menace Records


"Turning Revolution Into Money"
THE FALLOUT / full length CD
LSCD26 / 2004
Available from Longshot Music

"Bottle Of Smoke"
Various Artists
/ 2005
Available from Rubber Factory Records

"What Is Past Is Prologue"
THE FALLOUT / full length CD
LSCD30 / 2005
Available from Longshot Music

recorded and awaiting release:

"The Turning Point"
THE FALLOUT / Canadian punk covers e.p.
Available sometime 2006
Red Menace Records

"not yet titled"
THE FALLOUT / full legnth CD
Available late 2006 or early 2007
Red Menace Records


Some old reviews:

"…FALLOUT delivers great political anthems with tasty guitar licks, powerful leads and animated vocals. Great disc." - review of the ONTARIO CD by H.N., Maximum RockNRoll, fall 2002.

"The second record from Toronto's FALLOUT continues in the 1977 punk-meets-new school sound they showed off on their seven-song debut. Stripped down to a three-piece, this is a bit more polished…fans of the CLASH and STIFF LITTLE FINGERS should enjoy." - Review of the ONTARIO CD by Rob Ferraz, Exclaim, Nov. 2002.

"A band that reminds me a lot of RANCID since the singer sounds a lot like Tim Armstrong to me. Mid-tempo, melodic punk that is more less has (sic) a street punk/bar band feel to it." - Don, Flipside magazine, Nov./Dec. 1998 issue.

"This is an album of sing-along, catchy punk, in the vein of the CLASH or STIFF LITTLE FINGERS." - Allan McNaughton, Maximum RockNRoll magazine, Oct. 1998 issue.

Speaking as a fan...
An Essay by Trevor Black

Turning Revolution Into Money reviews:

(recomended pick) Fallout, The - Turning Revolution Into Money, CD
It's always a pleasure to hear a great band that's been around for awhile that I've previously overlooked. This is the third full-length for Toronto's The Fallout, and it's one of the most kick-ass-old-school punk albums I've heard in ages. Reminiscent of bands such as Stiff Little Fingers or The Clash, but renewed to excise the dated elements and follies of some of those bands. The Fallout play earnest punk the old-fashioned way. While musically the band at times reminds me of The Spits, there's a surprising seriousness to the band's lyrics (mixing politics and diatribes about the punk scene), despite their fun, upbeat musical stylings. (AE) PUNK PLANET Iss. #64 Nov./Dec. 2004

THE FALLOUT: Turning Revolution Into Money from Maximum Rocknroll August 2004
The FALLOUT play tight, upbeat melodic punk with heaps of hooks and attitude. STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, FORGOTTEN REBELS, MORAL CRUX and the BODIES all spring to mind on the first track alone. THE FORGOTTEN REBELS comparison sticks all the way through this (though I can’t imagine the REBELS putting WOODY GUTHRIE-type union folk samples in their records) not surprisingly since they’re Canadian, though these cats have better lyrics and hopefully won’t go all glam an shit. This is great catchy snotty punk, it’s not forumlaic - their own personality shines through, and the guy’s got a great (punk) voice. They even do a version of (and I’m not even sure they’ve heard of IMPATIENT YOUTH) "Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition" and finish the whole thing off with, as a hidden track, an impeccable cover of the JAM’s (this is) The Modern World with the great line "I don’t give two fucks about your review!" Brilliant! (AD)

8 stars out of 10:
Great driving melodic punk with a left leaning message. This is one of Toronto’s newest and brightest talents, featuring Jeremy the guy behind the Anti-Warped tour shows. The FALLOUT remind me of the CLASS ASSASSINS with a healthy dose of the CLASH and INFA RIOT thrown into the guitar work. As for the vocals they remind me of Frankie Stubbs meets AGENT ORANGE, which translates to an odd mix that is a snotty style that has a hoarse delivery. As for the ideology, the FALLOUT are talking about important things like the erosion of civil liberties in “Quebec City” to scene violence in “Macho Duck”. The lyrics seem to be inspired by bands like the ANGELIC UPSTARTS and DOA. The FALLOUT are kind of like something between MARILYN’s VITAMINS and the CLASS ASSASSINS however there is loads of group back ups that will have you singing along as if it were the CLASH’s “I’m So Bored”. This is fuckin’ great, especially for a debut release. (Longshot Records / PMB #72 / 302 Bedford Avenue / Brooklyn, NY / 11211 / USA / www.longshotmusic.com) – SP

"My chief talent scout Mick Bladder once again comes up trumps by sending me a CDR of this Canadian band.
Theres more than a touch of FORGOTTEN REBELS about this - great tunes , clever lyrics and a singer who can sing (fuck me whatever next). Talkin Punk Rock Civil War is an absolute classic - choice comment on silly punk divisions, while Macho Duck is the finest anti-meathead song since the NEUROTICS. There are plenty of other greats like Annoy Me, and a good cover of Praise the Lord, Pass the Ammunition by some 80s US band I cant remember I'm getting copies of this to sell so demand to be on my mailing list! (9/10)" - SAVAGE AMUSEMENT based out of
England... (used to be H.A.G.L. zine)

"The first three tracks display some awesome range: first wave punk, singalong street punk, and speed punk. I'm not sure which I prefer, and they manage to pull them off pretty well. "In This Land" starts the CD with an introduction to the band: "we arrived in a Chevy van just another punk rock band... and we wrote some songs about protecting rights." I don't know what "The Tin Canners" is about, but I feel like singing along to it. You need the lyric sheet to keep up with "Quebec City", but that 80s hardcore sound makes it so worth it. The lyrics are most interesting when they're rebelling against the police state ("Quebec City") or the corporate status quo ("Another Way") or reiterating that D.O.A. maxim of "talk - action = 0" in "Talkin' Punk Rock Civil War." They even lift a Woody Guthrie quote! They bust quickly through "Praise the Lord - Pass the Ammunition", deal with their "Anger Management" and sing one for the kids who're pursuing their art and wind up being "The Great Disappoinment" of the family. The 14 songs average about 2 minutes, including a solid cover of The Jam's "This is the Modern World." This is the Toronto trio's 3rd (according to the press release) or 4th (according to the website) CD, again offering some good serious insight into the world from a broke-ass punk-kid point-of-view. Hey, someone's gotta stir up shit while the rest of us are getting McJobs and watching TV. My vote's for these guys." - Gabino Travassos [May 2004]

The Fallout - Turning Revolution Into Money ***
One thing you can count on from the Longshot label is some great old-school punk. They serve up another tasty dose with The Fallout, a punk band from Toronto, Ontario that is all about reliving punk's finest moments. Don't look to Longshot for anything revolutionary. Instead, the label and bands such as The Fallout seek to live in Punk's glory days. Turning Revolution Into Money is classic punk at its finest. They actually remind me a lot of the classic Canadian punk band Forgotten Rebels. The songs are mostly fast and furious, with fun being a key element. The songs are upbeat and happy with not a song out of place. Turning Revolution is the band's third album so they are pretty well versed at this type of music. They have toured with the likes of Down By Law and the Real Mackenzies. Check them out if they are in your area. Kick ass old-school punk.
(Longshot 2004)
Review date: 2004-10-25 23:29:53 by Dennis Scanland

Current reviews:

Toronto, Canada three piece The Fallout release their fourth full length collection, 'What Is...' Vocalist/guitarist Lord Byron powers things along with a mixture of driving fretwork and choppy riffs, that offers an appreciative nod to the melodic attraction of early punk on 'Bigots And Bastards' and a harder straight ahead core style on 'Raise The Minimum Wage'. They're also versatile enough to successful produce an effective slice of raw edged punk-reggae on 'Nancy Never Knew'. Admittedly the abrasive, gravely, slightly off key vocal tones of front man Byron take a little getting used to, but perseverance builds an appreciation of his passionate approach. Throughout the display a knack for writing topical protest songs that take a slightly different angle like 'Trail Of Tears', 'Pie In The Sky' and 'Robin Hood' that all adds to the collective appeal of a band offering a healthy and resilient take on contemporary punk.
4 out of 5
Review by Sean McGhee
(May 06)

Loud Fast Rules (Spring 2006):

The Fallout
What Is Past Is Prologue
"The press sheet for these dudes says they're playing a style similar to The Clash or The Jam. While I'm not hearing that at all, it doesn't much matter because it's still a damn fine punk rock CD. These Canadians have the cockney accent down pat, and play punk rock that I would say is more similar to Social Distortion meets One Man Army. Those are two of my favorite bands, so obviously I'm digging this CD. Great lyrics also, with strong social commentary. I'm 100% behind these dudes. (MWB)"


Canadas THE FALLOUT mix the early UK punk rock sound of STIFF LITTLE FINGERS with the later sound of LEATHERFACE and the more contemporary American sound of more-recent BAD RELIGION, SWINGIN UTTERS and the DUCKY BOYS but its not a chopped up replica of these bands and styles, the sound is very immersed and focussed. The songs are short and urgent and you can tell that these guys are older punks and thats what I look for because you can hear their experience and knowledge running right through this record. They know how to write punk rock... whether spewing out cutting and shrewd political lyrics, recounting events or just having fun they are totally absorbed in the true punk rock spirit in a way that can only be achieved through years of punk rock attention and devotion. Young bands just havent got this fire...they should have exploding energy because of their youth but theyre all weak and tired!! THE FALLOUT have got that fire for sure.

"The Fallout
What Is Past Is Prologue

Album number five for this Toronto punk rock three-piece comes hot on the heels of their great 2004 release, Turning Revolution Into Money. This time out they seem to have gone for a somewhat purposely less polished but no less powerful sound and, if anything, these 14 songs are even snottier and snappier than before. Drawing their inspiration, both musically and lyrically, from the likes of the Clash, Stiff Little Fingers and D.O.A., the Fallout definitely hold their own, dishing out some real rebel music. Their catchy-as-hell, sing-along, three-chord punk rock packs a definite punch and is coupled with well-crafted and well-articulated, socially-conscious lyrics that crackle with heartfelt anger and urgency. These cats are kind of like a street-punk version of Woody Guthrie. Highly recommended." - Exclaim

"Fallout, The:
What is Past Is Prologue: CD

The thing about Canada is there is so much space between cities. Any band wll tell you that touring this countryis a difficult endeavor. Just too much empty space to contend with. It's also difficult to stay on top of what's going on at the opposite side of the country. Sure, the internet helps, but I just feel that I should have already known about and love The Fallout. It's a simply formula, but I'm a sucker for it every time. Straight up '77 style punk a la Stiff LIttle Fingers with catchy, politized lyrics. The twist here is that it's mixed with the sound of a late '90s Dr. Strange band (such as Whatever...). Throw in a touch of their friends, The Rebel Spell, and you've got yourself a winner. Now, they need to cross some empty space and play in the west. -Ty Stranglehold (Longshot)"


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